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TETA Outstanding Teacher Award

Jordan Dyson photo

Photo of Jordan Dyson receiving her award

The Outstanding Teacher award presented by TETA is a prestigious accolade that celebrates the exceptional contributions of a teacher who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and instruction in utilizing technology to enhance education. This award serves as recognition for the teacher's dedication, innovation, and effectiveness in leveraging technology to improve the learning experiences of their students.

As part of the recognition, the award winner is granted a trip to TETC. Attending TETC can offer the award recipient valuable opportunities to network with other educators, learn about the latest trends and best practices in educational technology, and gain inspiration and insights to further enhance their teaching methods.

In essence, the Outstanding Teacher award and the associated trip to TETC are ways to honor and support educators who are at the forefront of using technology to enrich the educational experiences of their students, and it provides them with a platform to continue their professional development in this critical field.

Announced in August

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