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History of TETA

Summer Institute

History of the TETA Summer Institute

Origins and Early Years (1998)

The TETA (Tennessee Educational Technology Association) Summer Institute was founded in 1998, with its inaugural session held at Cordova High School in West Tennessee. The initiative was driven by a pressing need to equip technology staff in Tennessee's K-12 educational system with the necessary skills and knowledge to integrate and manage emerging technologies in their schools effectively. The brainchild of forward-thinking educational leaders and technology enthusiasts, the TETA Summer Institute quickly became a cornerstone for professional development in educational technology.

Expansion and Rotational Hosting (1999-2010)

As the institute gained momentum, it embraced a unique rotational hosting model, moving between Tennessee's three Grand Regions: West, East, and Middle Tennessee. This rotation ensured equitable access to the institute's resources and fostered a sense of statewide community among the participants. The decision to rotate the location also reflected TETA's commitment to addressing the diverse needs and challenges faced by technology staff across different regions of the state.

During this period, the institute expanded its curriculum to include a wider array of topics, such as network security, digital literacy, emerging educational technologies, and best practices in technology integration. Renowned educators and industry experts were brought in to lead workshops and sessions, further enhancing the institute's reputation as a premier professional development event.

Innovation and Collaboration (2011-2019)

The 2010s saw significant technological advancements, and the TETA Summer Institute was at the forefront of helping Tennessee's K-12 technology staff stay ahead of the curve. The institute began to emphasize hands-on, collaborative learning experiences, recognizing that peer-to-peer interaction was crucial for effective professional development. Participants engaged in project-based learning, ERATE, and collaborative problem-solving activities, which not only enhanced their technical skills but also fostered a collaborative spirit.

During these years, the institute also began to place a stronger emphasis on data-driven decision-making and the integration of educational technology with instructional strategies. This shift was in response to the growing demand for technology staff to not only manage infrastructure but also to support teachers and administrators in leveraging technology to improve student outcomes.

Modern Era and Ongoing Impact (2019-Present)

In recent years, the TETA Summer Institute has continued to evolve, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of educational technology. The institute has embraced virtual and hybrid formats, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that professional development opportunities remain accessible to all, regardless of geographic location.

Today, the TETA Summer Institute remains a vital resource for Tennessee's K-12 technology staff. Its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence in educational technology has solidified its status as a leader in the field. By continuing to rotate between Tennessee's Grand Regions, the institute maintains its inclusive and statewide approach, empowering technology staff to drive positive change in their schools and communities.

The TETA Summer Institute's rich history is a testament to the dedication of its founders, organizers, and participants. Their collective efforts have not only advanced the technological capabilities of Tennessee's K-12 schools but also fostered a culture of continuous learning and improvement. As the institute looks to the future, it remains poised to address the challenges and opportunities of an ever-evolving educational landscape.

Tennessee Educational Technology Conference (TETC)


History of the Tennessee Educational Technology Conference (TETC)

Founding and Early Years (Pre-2015)

The Tennessee Educational Technology Conference (TETC) was established by the Tennessee State Department of Education with a mission to bring together K-12 and higher education employees to explore the latest advancements in educational technology. Held annually in Nashville, TN, the conference quickly became a pivotal event for educators, administrators, and technology staff across the state. From its inception, TETC included an exhibition hall featuring vendors that showcased products and services supporting educational technology, facilitating invaluable connections between educators and industry leaders.

Growth and Development (1980’s-2014)

Throughout the early 2000s, TETC experienced significant growth, attracting an increasing number of attendees each year. The conference sessions covered a broad spectrum of topics, including classroom technology integration, digital content creation, cybersecurity, and data management. Keynote speakers from various sectors of education and technology inspired participants with their insights and innovations.

The State Department of Education played a crucial role in the success of TETC, providing both organizational support and funding. This backing ensured that the conference remained accessible to a wide audience, fostering a culture of continuous professional development among Tennessee's educators.

Transition and New Beginnings (2015)

In 2015, the Tennessee State Department of Education announced that it would no longer sponsor the TETC. Recognizing the importance of the conference, the Tennessee Educational Technology Association (TETA) stepped in to take over its organization and management. TETA's leadership ensured the continuity of the conference, moving it from Nashville to Murfreesboro, TN. This new location provided a fresh start and continued to attract a diverse group of educators, technology specialists, and vendors.

Expansion and Innovation (2015-2023)

Under TETA's stewardship, TETC flourished, offering more dynamic and interactive sessions, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities. The conference's focus broadened to include emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and personalized learning platforms. TETA also emphasized the importance of digital equity, ensuring that sessions addressed strategies for providing all students with access to high-quality digital resources.

The conference remained in Murfreesboro until 2023, during which time it solidified its reputation as a must-attend event for Tennessee's educational technology community. The consistent support of exhibiting vendors allowed attendees to stay current with the latest tools and services available to enhance teaching and learning.

New Horizons (2024-Present)

In 2024, TETA made the strategic decision to move TETC to Chattanooga, TN. This move was driven by a desire to reach new audiences and leverage the unique resources and venues that Chattanooga offers. The relocation marks a new chapter in the conference's history, promising to bring fresh energy and opportunities for growth.

The history of TETC reflects a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence in educational technology. From its beginnings with the State Department of Education to its current incarnation under TETA, the conference has continually evolved to meet the needs of Tennessee's educators. As TETC looks to the future, it remains dedicated to supporting the professional development of those who are shaping the educational experiences of students across the state.




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History of TETC