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Joan Gray Award

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Joan Gray Instructional Leadership Award

The Joan Gray Instructional Leadership Award, presented annually by TETA is a prestigious recognition that celebrates and honors a TETA member who has exhibited exceptional achievement and leadership in effectively integrating technology to enhance education. This award underscores the significant contributions made by the recipient in advancing educational technology and improving the learning experiences of students and educators alike.

As part of this recognition, the winner of the Joan Gray Instructional Leadership Award is given the opportunity to attend a Technology Conference of their choosing. This flexibility allows the award recipient to select a conference that aligns with their professional interests and goals in the field of educational technology. Attending such a conference can provide valuable opportunities for networking, staying updated on the latest technological trends and innovations, and continuing professional development.

In essence, the Joan Gray Instructional Leadership Award not only serves as a commendation for the dedication and innovation of the recipient but also supports their ongoing growth and leadership in the field by providing them with the means to attend a technology conference that best suits their needs and aspirations.

Open Nominations at Summer Institute, close October 15 Award at November Board Meeting

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Emily Russell receives the Joan Gray Instructional Leadership award

Photo of Emily receiving her award.