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About TETA

Welcome to TETA

The Tennessee Educational Technology Association (TETA), an International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) affiliate, is a non-profit organization comprised of professionals committed to promoting the use of educational technology in the classrooms throughout the state.  Our membership primarily consists of K-12 educators but we are very proud of the many corporate partners and higher education members who join us in our mission to transform the teaching and learning process in order to advance student achievement.  Our purposes include: to share and exchange ideas, materials, and procedures; to promote the effective use of information, communication, and technology; to encourage the appropriate use of technology for the improvement of educational management; to promote professional standards in the field of educational technology; and to communicate current research relating to educational technology. 

TETA is comprised of three regional chapters, East Tennessee Educational Technology Association (ETETA), Middle Tennessee Educational Technology Association (MTETA), and West Tennessee Educational Technology Association (WTETA), representing the three grand divisions of our state.  Our members meet monthly in meetings within the regions.  We have an annual conference every summer (Summer Institute), provide professional development opportunities for administrators throughout the state (Administrator’s Technology Academy), and for teachers through our Instructional Technology Academies regionally and TETC, a state-wide conference, and award scholarships and awards to deserving members (Perry Brown Scholarship, Outstanding CTO Award, Outstanding Team Award, Outstanding Teacher using Technology Award).  If you are not currently a member, review the materials on our website and consider joining us!

The Tennessee Educational Technology Association was formed in 1994 by educators who saw a need for a focus on educational technology from the three grand divisions of East, Middle, and West Tennessee. TETA created Chapters in those regions, ETETA (East), MTETA (Middle), & WTETA (West) to build the statewide organization.