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Technical Day 2024

SI 2024 Technical Day



TETA is excited to announce the addition of a Technical Day at Summer Institute 2024. Technicians will be able to attend a session on Friday morning and receive a certificate from the class. Classes have limited seating. 

In order to attend one of these sessions, you will need to choose the class when you register for SI 2024. If you did not do that when you registered, you may go back to the registration link and go to the bottom of the page to the “Already Registered” link. Enter the email you registered under and your confirmation number. You will then be able to go in and add a session to your original registration.




Technical Day - Aruba (Build a School)

With continued funding and time constraints, IT staffs seek succinct methods to gain hands-on experience with networking platforms. HPE Aruba Networking’s “Build A School” workshop aims to supplement participant's skill set by providing a replicated deployment scenario familiar to K12 environments. Attendees assigned to individual “schools” will create working networks integrated to a common district infrastructure. Each team will configure wired and wireless technologies based on validated solution principles. Our workshop condenses successful methodologies addressing the key guidelines to be covered in a single 4-hour session. Completing the workshop empowers each engineer with concepts and skills to aid in his current role, while also providing preparatory learning for Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT) certification.
7/12/2024-8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Duration: 4 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate

Attendee Equipment Required: Computer with USB Port

Knowledge Required: General networking knowledge




Technical Day - Avigilon Training

Advanced Avigilon Training will be able to submit questions and will receive a Certificate for attending.

8:30 AM - 11:30 AM



Technical Day - ExtremeCloud IQ

Learn from our top engineers as they guide you “Live” to setup and configure ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot. During the class, you will use a remote connection to Cloud IQ Pilot and a physical AP. This flight school is for engineers who are looking to learn how easy it is to setup Cloud IQ Pilot. Learn how to configure, manage, and automate your entire network using Cloud IQ.


- Wi-Fi 7, ExtremeCloud IQ Companion Mobile App

- CoPilot AI/ML

- Licensing

- Onboarding Access Points and Configuring Network Policies

- Authentication and Onboarding: WPA3, PPSK, CWP

- Advanced Guest Access

- Troubleshooting: Network 360, Client 360, CLI/SSH

- Switch Onboarding, Management and Automation

- Introduction to Extreme Fabric Connect



Morning Class 7/12/2024-8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

UTD-CDSS 5.1 is now available, updates include:

  • NGFW and Panorama upgraded to PAN-OS 11.0.
  • Advanced Threat Prevention: Added unknown-TCP C2 detection.
  • Advanced Threat Prevention: Added 0-day exploits via command and SQL injection detection.
  • WildFire Inline MLAV: Reduced number of files due to a PAN-OS bug with those test files. Currently, PE, ELF, and Shell are the in UTD.
  • Advanced WildFire: Added new activity with an explanation of AWF and sample report.
  • Dashboard access to DNS Security and WildFire has been removed. Will investigate being able to show these in AIOps in the future.
  • SaaS Inline Security: Added new activity with SaaS Inline tenant. Walk-through of the tenant then pivot to Panorama/NGFW for recommended policy enforcement.
  • Enterprise DLP: Modified to incorporate SaaS inline-sanctioned server.

UTD-CDSS 5.1 shows the following security services/activities:

  • Core Security
  • Data Security
  • IoT Security