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TETA's 2023 Members of the Year Announced

Posted Date: 07/29/2023

TETA's 2023 Members of the Year Announced

Congratulations to Melissa Chipman from WTETA, Mark Howell from MTETA, and Chris Rogers from ETETA for being awarded the prestigious TETA Member of the Year at TETA's Summer Institute 2023. This recognition is a testament to their outstanding dedication and commitment to promoting the mission of the Tennessee Educational Technology Association.

Each recipient has exemplified the qualities that TETA holds dear, showcasing leadership, innovation, and a passion for advancing the use of educational technology in classrooms. Their contributions to their respective Chapters have been recognized and appreciated, making a significant impact on the educational technology community within their regions.

We commend Melissa Chipman, Mark Howell, and Chris Rogers for their remarkable achievements and their continuous efforts to drive positive change in education through technology. Their accomplishments serve as an inspiration to all TETA members, and we are proud to have them as part of our organization.

Once again, congratulations to the TETA Member of the Year awardees! Your exceptional work and dedication are truly appreciated and celebrated by the entire TETA community.