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Joan Gray

Joan Gray Instructional Leadership Award


The Joan Gray Instructional Leadership Award, presented annually by TETA is a prestigious recognition that celebrates and honors a TETA member who has exhibited exceptional achievement and leadership in effectively integrating technology to enhance education. This award underscores the significant contributions made by the recipient in advancing educational technology and improving the learning experiences of students and educators alike.

As part of this recognition, the winner of the Joan Gray Instructional Leadership Award is given the opportunity to attend a Technology Conference of their choosing. This flexibility allows the award recipient to select a conference that aligns with their professional interests and goals in the field of educational technology. Attending such a conference can provide valuable opportunities for networking, staying updated on the latest technological trends and innovations, and continuing professional development.

In essence, the Joan Gray Instructional Leadership Award not only serves as a commendation for the dedication and innovation of the recipient but also supports their ongoing growth and leadership in the field by providing them with the means to attend a technology conference that best suits their needs and aspirations.


Open Nominations at Summer Institute, close October 15 Award at November Board Meeting

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Joan Gray Instructional LeadershipJoan Gray Award Presentation

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Dr. Howard Sisco CTO Award Dr. Howard Sisco CTO Award Presentation


Dr. Howard Sisco

Dr. Howard Sisco Outstanding CTO Award

The District CTO Award, presented annually by TETA is a prestigious recognition given to a leader who has shown exceptional achievement and leadership in the implementation of technology to enhance education at the district level. This award is an acknowledgment of their significant contributions to the advancement of educational technology and its positive impact on students and educators.

The winner of the District CTO Award is not only honored but also rewarded with a trip to CoSN, which stands for the Consortium for School Networking. CoSN is a professional association that focuses on the strategic use of technology in K-12 education. The trip to CoSN is a valuable opportunity for the award recipient to network with other education technology professionals, gain insights into the latest trends and innovations in the field, and further their knowledge and expertise in leveraging technology for educational improvement.

Overall, the District CTO Award is a meaningful recognition that celebrates the dedication and innovation of leaders who are making a significant difference in the integration of technology within the education sector at the district level.


 Open Nominations at Summer Institute, close October 15 Award at November Board

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TETA Outstanding Teacher AwardTETA Outstanding Teacher Award Presentation

TETA Outstanding Teacher Award


The Outstanding Teacher award presented by TETA is a prestigious accolade that celebrates the exceptional contributions of a teacher who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and instruction in utilizing technology to enhance education. This award serves as recognition for the teacher's dedication, innovation, and effectiveness in leveraging technology to improve the learning experiences of their students.

As part of the recognition, the award winner is granted a trip to TETC. Attending TETC can offer the award recipient valuable opportunities to network with other educators, learn about the latest trends and best practices in educational technology, and gain inspiration and insights to further enhance their teaching methods.

In essence, the Outstanding Teacher award and the associated trip to TETC are ways to honor and support educators who are at the forefront of using technology to enrich the educational experiences of their students, and it provides them with a platform to continue their professional development in this critical field.


 Nominations open March 1 through April 30 Announced 2nd Week of May


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Perry Brown

Perry Brown ISTE Scholarship

The Perry Brown ISTE Scholarship is a valuable recognition and financial support provided by TETA to its members. The scholarship includes coverage for both registration and travel costs to the annual ISTE conference. ISTE is a well-known organization that focuses on advancing the use of technology in education, making it a significant opportunity for educators to gain insights, network with peers, and stay updated on the latest developments in educational technology.

This scholarship is awarded to at least one TETA member who has not previously received the Perry Brown award. It serves as a way to support TETA members in their professional development by providing them with access to a prominent educational technology conference. Click here for a copy of the rubric.

Open Applications at Summer Institute, close October 15 Award at November Board Meeting

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Perry Brown ISTE Scholarhip AwardPerry Brown ISTE Scholarhip Award Presentation

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2023 Members of the Year

TETA  Member of the Year Award

The TETA Member of the Year award is a prestigious recognition within the organization, given annually to a deserving member from one of the three regional chapters. This award showcases the commitment and contributions of outstanding members to their respective chapters and the broader educational community. It's a testament to their dedication and impact in the field of education.

The process of selecting the awardee through nominations and votes by their fellow chapter members adds an element of peer recognition, making the award even more meaningful. The fact that these awards are presented at the TETA Summer Institute adds an exciting and celebratory element to the event, honoring the recipient in front of their peers and colleagues.

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TETA Visionary Award

The TETA Visionary Award, formerly known as the Director's Award, is a prestigious recognition presented by TETA to honor an individual who has made significant contributions to instructional technology that have had a broad and positive impact across the entire state. Unlike some other awards, the recipient of the TETA Visionary Award does not have to be a TETA member. Instead, the focus is on their exceptional efforts in promoting and implementing technology in education, irrespective of their affiliation with the organization.

This award is granted to an individual who has gone above and beyond in their support for and implementation of technology in education. It serves as a tribute to their visionary leadership and their influence on the advancement of instructional technology within the state.

The TETA Visionary Award acknowledges the critical role played by individuals who have made a statewide impact in the field of educational technology and highlights their dedication to enhancing the learning experiences of students and educators through the effective use of technology.


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Making it Happen

The ISTE Making It Happen Award honors outstanding educators and leaders who demonstrate extraordinary commitment, leadership, courage and persistence in improving digital learning opportunities for students. Since its inception in 1995, more than 800 educators from around the world have received the award.

ISTE Making IT Happen AwardISTE Making IT Happen Award Presentation

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Honorary Membership

The ability of the TETA Board of Directors to bestow memberships on individuals or organizations is a way for the board to extend honorary or special memberships to deserving recipients. This practice allows the board to recognize and show appreciation for individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to the field of technology education and training or have demonstrated a strong commitment to the goals and mission of TETA.

Honorary or bestowed memberships are often granted as a form of recognition and appreciation for the recipient's support, contributions, or achievements in a particular field or organization. These memberships may come with certain privileges or benefits, depending on the policies and bylaws of TETA.

Overall, the ability to bestow memberships is a way for TETA to acknowledge and engage with individuals or organizations that have made a positive impact on the association and its objectives, fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the technology education and training community.

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