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Cyber Security Resources

Cybersecurity Resources

Vendor Contact Information to Learn More Links to resources, websites, or other resources
ManagedMethods Malware, Phishing, Account Takeovers, DLP, Student Safety, Cloud Security for Google and O365 ManagedMethods' has a full Cloud Risk Assessment FOR FREE for 30 days.
SHI International 615-547-8025 I have been working very closely with the City of Johnson City over past year. They were hit with ransomware back in 2019. Since that time we have been able to assist in getting them back up and running and feeling confident about the security environment. I would be happy to go through some of the specifics solutions/brands we went with and why. SHI also has a several Security/Vendor Agnostic resources that can help with identifying which option is best based on the clients specific needs. Lastly, I have the Gartner Magic Quadrant full report which compares the strengths and weakness of all the major brands/solutions.
ePlus Technology, inc.
Internetwork Engineering (IE) Scott Matlock, Regional Manager email: Phone (615) 238-1043 Please email me for a no obligation eBook on Incident Response. Here is a Link to our Education Resources:
As the Cisco SLED partner of the year for 2020 we have extensive experience in K-12 education here in TN and throughout the southeast. IE holds a "Master Security Specialization" which allows us to engage and have experienced "free" consulting for all areas of security and incident response making sure your educational environment is protected.
CDWG Josh Savage,, 615-310-9009 CDWG has 3 service levels for Incident Response services, Basic, Essential, and Premium all of which are designed to provide expert response to cybersecurity threats. Please click the link below for more information about each level of response.
ENA Contact or your ENA ASM for more information
DOF Creations, LLC Cyber Risk Insurance (this includes an external and darkweb credential exposures audit provided free as part of the quoting process; scam email training & prevention; forensic analysis in the event of an attack, and financial assistance to help with recovery) 2. Data Back-Ups (this includes cloud based back-ups through Rubrik, AWS or Azure. This can also be provided as a managed service to automate some aspects of disaster recovery and incident response, and includes data monitoring to assist in data security) 3. Database Audits (this helps IT leaders see how much data they're managing, where this data is coming from, and how securely it is being managed [this refers to access protocols and requirements especially for payroll info and student socials]) 4. Cyber Event Retainer (this gives IT leaders a partner in the event of a breach. This retainer gives you a cyber attack expert on-call to help stop the attack, understand the cause, and recover important systems post-attack)
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