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    Outstanding CTO Award Each year TETA presents the District CTO Award. This award recognizes and honors one leader who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership in implementing technology to improve education at the District Level. The winner will be given a trip to CoSN. APPLICATION DUE October 1, 2019

    TETA Outstanding Teacher Award- Each year TETA presents the Outstanding Teacher award. This award recognizes one teacher who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and instruction in implementing technology to improve education. The winner will receive a trip to TETC. APPLICATION DUE October 1, 2019

    TETA Team Award This award is available from TETA in its capacity as a COSN (Consortium for School Networking) Affiliate. Each year TETA will present the Team Award it is open to a school district, consortium of school districts and education agencies, or state education network whose impact on technology's role in transforming learning has been significant. The winning district will receive a district membership to CoSN.  APPLICATION DUE October 1, 2019

    Perry Brown ISTE Scholarship This scholarship to the annual ISTE conference is awarded to at least one TETA member who has not previously won the Perry Brown award. The scholarship includes registration and travel costs. Click here for a copy of the rubric.  APPLICATION DUE October 1, 2019

    School district and educational service agency (serving multiple districts) teams are eligible for CoSN’s Community Leadership Award for Digital Equity. Ideal teams include key district leaders such as superintendents, CTOs, and chief curriculum leaders. Applicants are also encouraged to include local and state partners. CoSN Board members and their institutions are ineligible for CoSN awards. The nominee must be a CoSN member. 

    APPLICATION DUE October 1, 2019


    Director's Award has traditionally been given to a person with a broad influence on instructional technology that spans across the entire state. The recipient does not have to be a TETA member but must be someone who has gone above and beyond in supporting and/or implementing technology.

    TETA Member of the Year - is awarded to a person from each Chapter that exemplifies the qualities of TETA's mission. The recipient is a recognized leader within their Chapter.

    Making it Happen - is an ISTE, internationally recognized awards program for educators in the field of educational technology integration in K–12 schools. The program identifies and rewards educational technology leaders around the world for their commitment and innovation.

    Honorary Membership - the TETA Board of Directors may bestow memberships on individuals or organizations.



    If you have any questions, please email awards@teta.org