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Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers TETC 2023



TETA is proud to announce our featured speakers for TETC 2023 –

Jenallee and Steve Dembo






Steve DemboJenallee



  • Jenallee Bio and Sessions


    Joint bio - 

    Jeni Long and Sallee Clark, collectively known as "Jenallee," bring over 40 years of educational experience to the table. They are both Master of Educational Technology degree holders and have served as teachers, curriculum writers, librarians, and technology specialists. They are passionate about seeing technology empower educators to teach critical thinking skills and empathy. They take pride in knowing that technology is bringing meaningful experiences into classrooms.

    Jenallee is committed to empowering educators with edtech tips and tricks, technology tools that enhance learning, and lesson ideas. They share their expertise on their YouTube show, TikTok channel, blog, and Twitter accounts, with a global audience. They are also international speakers and frequent presenters on the national conference circuit, having presented at TCEA, ISTE, TETC, BETT, IDEACon, FETC, and many others.

    In 2021, Jenallee published their first book, The Microsoft Teams Playbook, and they are collaborating authors on the EduMatch book Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative. Their outstanding work has been recognized with the Top 30 2022 EdTech Influencer Award by EdTech K-12 Magazine.

    Jenallee is on a mission to empower educators to make learning accessible and FUN for all. Connect with them at and visit their website,

    Super Session/Keynote Title: Friday

    Empowering Educators: Crafting Dynamic Learning Adventures

     Join us as we embark on a learning adventure like no other. In this engaging presentation, you'll discover the transformative potential of integrating cutting-edge technology, the excitement of gamification, and personalized educational approaches. As an educator, you'll gain invaluable insights into identifying your student's unique strengths, and fostering maximum engagement and collaboration in your classrooms.



    Efficiency Makeover: The Ultimate Glam Kit of Tech Apps

    Are you ready for an efficiency makeover? Join us for an exciting and interactive session where we introduce the incredible Glamkit of tech apps, specifically tailored to empower educators and transform their lives. Discover how these cutting-edge tools can make your role as an educator more efficient than ever before. Don't miss out on this opportunity for a transformative experience!

    Mission AI: Empowering Educators with Microsoft's AI Tools

    Join us on an exciting mission to explore Microsoft's AI tools and empower educators to revolutionize teaching and learning. Discover their full potential, gain practical insights, and learn effective implementation strategies in this engaging session. Whether you're a tech-savvy educator or new to AI, this is your chance to enhance education using Microsoft's AI tools. Don't miss this unique opportunity to transform your teaching practices and unlock new possibilities with AI.

     You CAN with Canva

    Participants will embark on a journey to unleash their creativity using Canva for EDU. This immersive experience is specifically designed for educators, providing them with the tools and knowledge to create captivating designs and visual content that will truly engage their students. Through hands-on activities and collaborative assignments, participants will also discover how to effectively utilize whiteboards and collaborative tools for student collaboration. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your teaching skills and create an engaging learning environment for your students!

    Unleash the Canva "Magic" in Your Classroom


    Embark on a captivating exploration of Canva's cutting-edge AI tools specially designed for education. Join us for an enlightening session where we unveil the latest AI-powered features that are transforming the way educators and students create, collaborate, and learn. Discover how Canva's AI magic enhances efficiency, creativity, and engagement across a variety of educational applications. This session promises to unlock the incredible potential of AI in Canva for Education

  • Steve Dembo Bio and Sessions Steve Dembo

    Steve Dembo is the Director of Digital Innovation at Western Springs School District in Illinois.   He is the co-author of the book Untangling the Web, and serves as the president of the Skokie/Morton Grove District 69 School Board. He has taught Kindergarten, middle school computer science, and is an adjunct professor at Wilkes University.   Steve has worked with Facebook, Google and numerous other EdTech companies to develop programs that align with the needs of educators and students.


    ChatGPT and Beyond! 

    During this session, we'll get hands on with Generative AI like ChatGPT. We'll explore how to use the AI to supercharge your daily tasks, explore the differences between different models, and share ideas for using them in the classroom.

    Making Multimedia Magic with AI 

    Generative AI and text to image engines are making it incredibly easy to create graphics and artwork for any purpose. We'll explore both free and paid options for AI image generation, and share ideas for mind blowing graphics for your own work as well as to use in your classroom. No artistic skill is required! 

    Gaming To Learn With MakeCode Arcade
    MakeCode Arcade is an incredible coding platform that can have students creating compelling and creative video games in as little as a single period! It's easy to jump in, but provides an avenue for learning complex coding concepts. Discover how to power up student learning by teaching coding while creating a school arcade!