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Keynote for TETC 2023


  Keynote for TETC 2023 is Gerry Brooks


Gerry Brooks is indeed a well-known figure in the field of education. He has a diverse background in education, having spent time both in the classroom and as an administrator. His extensive experience, spanning six years as a teacher, two years as an intervention specialist, and 12 years as an administrator, equips him with a broad perspective on educational challenges and opportunities.

One of Gerry Brooks' primary roles is that of a public speaker. He is passionate about motivating and assisting teachers in enhancing their instructional skills. His focus on personal climate and culture strategies suggests that he emphasizes the importance of creating a positive and supportive environment in schools, which can contribute to improved teaching and learning experiences.

In addition to his commitment to teachers, Gerry Brooks also has a desire to help administrators become effective leaders within their school communities. Effective leadership is crucial in ensuring that staff members are motivated and supported in their roles, ultimately leading to better outcomes for students.

Gerry Brooks has gained significant recognition through his engaging and humorous videos on social media. These videos often touch on real-world experiences in education, making them relatable to teachers, administrators, and anyone involved in the education system. His ability to connect with a wide audience is evident from his substantial social media following of over 3.1 million people.

Overall, Gerry Brooks plays a valuable role in the education community by providing inspiration, guidance, and a touch of humor to educators and administrators striving to make a positive impact on students' lives.