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Matt Miller Resources from TETC 2021



Matt is all about paying back to teachers!  Most of these are FREE

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  • 101 Practical Ways to Ditch That Textbook (v2.0) -- It's packed with practical, techy teaching ideas to use in class tomorrow.

  • 101 Ways to Ditch That Textbook with G Suite -- If your students have Google accounts, this ebook gives you tons of creative activities to start using right away.

  • 50 FREE Templates for Teachers -- You can make a copy of any of these templates and assign them to your students right away.

  • Microsoft Teams: How to manage it like a pro -- This ebook gives you lots of ideas for making the most of Microsoft Teams, becoming more efficient and effective.

  • Ditch That Textbook's Guide to Gamification -- Want to bring some play to your classroom? This ebook is packed with game elements, tools and tips for gamifying your class.



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Video 1: What Makes Jamboard Special

Video 2: Top 3 Favorite Ways to Use Jamboard

Video 3: How to Make Jamboard Templates in 3 Steps

Video 4: How to Do More with Google Jamboard

Jamboard Activities

FREE Templates


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We are constantly adding new ideas to our Pinterest boards! 32 boards to choose from - and LOTS of pins on each - there are MANY ideas to be had!

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Check out our books by Matt Miller from Amazon: Ditch That Textbook, Ditch That Homework, Don't Ditch That Tech, Tech Like a Pirate and Do More with Google Classroom.

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Matt has a website specifically designed for his newest books: and

You will find much more information and resources on his book there - "Don't just teach a lesson.  Create an EXPERIENCE".


Check out the book study resources for several of my books



Remote Learning 101 is a FREE self-paced online course with lots of tips, ideas, resources and downloadable content to help YOU think through remote learning.  Get your certificate for 3 PD hours!

How to use Google Classroom is a FREE self-paced online course

This FREE course walks you through the basics PLUS gives you tips and tricks!

MODULE 1: Overview - How to Use the Google Classroom Online Course.

MODULE 2: The Google Classroom Quick-Start Guide gets you up and running.

MODULE 3: How to Use Google Classroom helps you with day-to-day tasks.

MODULE 4: Do MORE with Google Classroom takes your skills to the next level.

The Resource Locker is full of videos, templates, tutorials, and more.

Get your certificate of completion for 1 PD hour!

Tech to Learn ($49 value) is an online course dedicated to helping YOU identify ways to use technology to move the needle for learning ... to amplify and boost what's happening in your classroom.  Get your certificate for 8 PD hours!  Register at:

Getting Started with Digital Escape Rooms ($19 value) is an online mini course that teaches you how to use digital escape rooms in your class (virtual or face-to-face), how to make your own escape rooms with an easy step-by-step system and where to find lots of pre-made free digital escape rooms. Get your certificate for 1 PD hour!  Register at:

Do More with Google Jamboard ($29 value) is an online course with tips, tools, and practices you need to use Google Jamboard effectively and efficiently in your classroom. More than 2 hours of video content, downloadable resources, and a community forum for discussion.  Get your certificate for 2 PD hours!  Register at:

Game Show Classroom ($19 value) is an online course with the tools, the ideas, and the inspiration you need to make classroom learning more game-like. Get your certificate for 2 PD hours! It includes:

- Tools to make review and practice more like a game

- New, creative uses of those tools (You've never used Kahoot! like this)

- Ideas for turning the day-to-day classroom into an ongoing game

- Inspiration to build your own games with your students

- Design tips to make instructional materials feel like students' favorite games

Register at:

          5 Courses for Just $79 

  • Game Show Classroom (normally $19, 2 PD hours)

  • Apps Crash Course (not normally available, 1 PD hour)

  • Tech to Learn (normally $49, 8 PD hours)

  • Getting Started with Digital Escape Rooms (normally $19, 1 PD hour)

  • Do More with Google Jamboard (normally $29, 1 PD hour)

Register at:  Get five courses for just $79 USD!

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